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David Cook @ LiveJournal


david cook; american idol 7 winner
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A community for American Idol 7 winner & platinum-selling musician David Cook

David Cook rose to musical prominence as the seventh winner of American Idol. Before Idol he played in the bands Axium and MWK, and released a solo independent album titled Analog Heart. After winning Idol he released his major-label debut, David Cook, which has since been certified platinum (along with the first two singles, "Time of My Life" and "Light On").

Nearly three years after constant touring and recovering from the loss of his older brother to a brain tumor, David released his second major-label album This Loud Morning. David and his record label then parted ways, and he has since released three stand-alone singles: "The Last Song I'll Write for You" (2012), "Laying Me Low" (2013), and "Wait for Me" (2014). He also moved to Nashville, TN where he resides when he's not touring.

David is currently promoting his latest album, Digital Vein, which was released on September 18, 2015.

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